Brightshine was born in the recording studio during the sessions for their debut album, Shadows in the Sky. Initially Pete Sawyer contacted Celso Alberti, Eric Levy and his Echo Street bandmate Murph Murphy with the intention of laying down some tracks in a daylong session for an upcoming album. The chemistry and camaraderie was instant between them and they ended up cutting the entire album together. The album features Sawyers' stylistically diverse and lyrically deep compositions and the bands' fluidly expressive interpretations of the songs and scintillating, deeply musical improvisations. Recorded live with minimal overdubs and produced and mixed by Sawyer, Shadows in the Sky is a document of the musical prowess and tone poetry of the musicians as well as the telepathic interaction the quartet built with one another during the arrangement and recording process. With vocalist extraordinaire Maria Caycedo and first call Bay Area keyboardist Jordan Feinstein signed on for live performances, Brightshine is poised to join the growing number of innovative improvisational acts coming out of the burgeoning SF Bay Area music scene.

Brightshine Collaborators:

Celso Alberti (Steve Winwood, Airto)--Drums

Maria Caycedo (Lamplighters Musical Theatre, Island City Opera, Phenix Opera)--Vocals

Eric Levy (Garaj Majal, Night Ranger)--Keyboards

Jordan Feinstein (Phil Lesh, Stu Allen, La Gente)--Keyboards, Vocals

Murph Murphy (Stu Allen, Freddy Jones Band, Echo Street)--Bass

Pete Sawyer (Seconds On End, Echo Street)--Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

Brightshine band live1.jpg